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How do I place my bet?

Placing bets is very simple with our easy to use interface.please follow the instructions under bet types.

How do I contact PariBet?

See "contact us" section …or email us at customercare@paribet.com

Until what time can I place my bets?

Our advanced wagering system allows you to place a wager right up until the host track hits the "stop" wagering button!

Can I cancel my bet?

No bets cannot be cancelled so take care to review your bet in the 'pop up box' that appears after you select your bet on the betting slip.

How long does it take until the result of a bet is finalized?

Your account is updated as soon as the race is deemed official and prices are posted by the host track.

What is a totalizator?

The system used in racing that shows the number and amount of bets staked on a race, to determine the odds and the division of the total among those backing the winner.

What are preliminary odds?

Also called morning line odds. These are posted early by the host track as a measure of what the handicapper or oddsmaker determines what they believe the odds for the race participants will be. When the wagering goes live the odds change according to the actual wagers.

How do I calculate my winnings and receive my winnings?

Winnings will be posted to your account balance as soon as the race is official and the host track posts the prices.

What happens to my bet if the race is cancelled or my horse scratched

Refunds are posted to your account on any wager that was scratched or cancelled.